That moment when you are worried you lost someone you love <’3

My time to express…

Do u know how it feels? NO. You don’t. Unless you are me or have been through the EXACT same shit you don’t and you have NO right to tell me shit you’ve never experienced. Have you had all your friends, or so you thought, walk out on you in 24hours, one by one? Why? …cause of a boy? …cause of a fight friends always have? And on top of that your getting all this unnecessary BS from people who think they can tell you what’s “right.” who ever knows what is “right” how are u positive that what you say is always “right?” You don’t know? That’s cause you are trying to tell me what you think is “right,” when.. you have NOT experienced ANY of it yourself. Life will be much easier if people would stay out of your business. Yet have the people who you surround yourself with be there in support or anything it is you need. People who you can do a trust fall with. But who’s going to catch me?

Mixed feelings

I don’t know what to do… First I do everything I can to have you talk to me, Next I hate you and I can’t stand you and want you out of my life forever, THEN I see how bad I hurt you and I can’t stand hurting you like that.. NOW it’s like… I don’t know what the right thing to do is! Everything is pulling me in all different directions and I’m confused. This has NEVER happened to us before, there were many times of fighting and break ups but this one tops any of them. It’s the most emotional, most difficult, and most stressful. I don’t know what to do! :(